What Champions are Made of

August 21, 2014

Everybody’s goal in the wrestling business is to become world champion. Whether you are in a big time federation or just a fledgling independent or a strong rising federation like PWF/Zero1 being a champion is an ultimate goal—in the next few months I am going to be writing articles on the history of Wrestling world Champions, starting this month with the original NWA.

It all started wth a man named Frank Sexton. “The Sedalis Cyclone” was a staple in the American Wrestling Association, and numerous times held its world championship belt, before unifying it with the NWA championship. 2 months later he lost it to a man named Orville Browne who for over a year held onto the prestigious title until a car accident forced him into retirement. The man who then became champion is the subject of my article today—–the great Lou Thesz

Aloysius Martin “Lou” Thesz was the greatest NWA champion of all time. After being trained as a child for numerous years he made his debut in 1932 and almost immediately caught the eye of the great Ed Strangler Lewis. After training with him for many years he became one of the biggest stars in that time in the St Louis area

In 1948 the National wrestling alliance was formed. The first scheduled title match was between Orville Brown and Lou but Orville had the car accident and thus Lou Thesz began a 7 yr run of greatness unifying all the local world chamopionships into the World heavyweight cham pionship.

He has been inducted in numerous hall of fames and held 16 different world titles as well as having the most years as a NWA World heavyweight Champion. He was known to have numerous 60 minute, 90 minute, even 120 minute matches and come back the next night and wrestle.

He was a master of the scientific art of wrestling and was probably the greatest “hooker” (submission wrestler) of all time. His style transcends generations and is shown by beating people of all shapes andf sizes in his run. Without his influences we wouldnt have had wrestlers like Jack and Jerry Brisco, The funk brothers, Ric Flair, and many others. Arguably one of the greatest and most used finishes in wrestling today, The STF was invented by him. In this generations people like Daniel Bryan, John Cena, and even the late Chris Benoit, used it as their finishers of choice.

He also showed his longevity by becoming the only wrestler to wrestle in 7 decades when he wrestled his protege Masahiro Chono in 1990 at the ripe young age of 74! He is truly a legends legend and one of the wrestlers all modern day wrestlers should model themselves after.

Open Challenge From Bobbi Maracai

May 17, 2013


May 9, 2013

To whom it may concern:

My name is Bobbi Maracai, a manager in Pro Wrestling Fit: Championship Wrestling From Florida. I manage the greatest stable ever in professional wrestling: The Million Dollar Stable. My stable is comprised of past champions, international sensations, and the greatest up-and-comers in the state of Florida. However I have found that there is absolutely no competition for my guys in CWFL, and I also find that the politics involved in this organization are holding my guys back. This is why I turn to you, the owners and promoters of PWF China, PWF Korea, and PWF USA.

I am writing you today to issue an open challenge for any of your champions, legends, anyone that you have to finally offer my guys some competition. In order to give you a better idea of what I am bringing to the table and why I specifically issuing this open challenge. I find that once you read about my stable you will be anxious to sign these matches. So without further ado, I present to you the Million Dollar Stable.

                Redd Alert is a former World Wrestling Alliance United States Heavyweight Champion. He has been in the professional wrestling industry for 20 years and he is definitely not slowing down with age. He was involved in a huge war against American Dragon Shane Miller before going for the PWF CWFL Heavyweight Championship against Randy Starr. Redd Alert has been overlooked by CWFL management because of his association with myself, as well as his war with their “golden boy” American Dragon. Redd Alert is a perfect contender for any World Heavyweight, US Heavyweight, or Legends titles. He was originally trained at the Pro Wrestling School in Orlando, Florida and has been an industry Icon since graduation. I am issuing an open challenge for any of your heavyweight divisions on behalf of Mr. Alert.

                The Oriental Alliance is my newest import from the beautiful country of Korea. K’row and the Master are my gift to the tag team division in Pro Wrestling Fit. They would be holding the tag team championship if it weren’t for the fact that K’row had visa issues that have kept him out of wrestling for a couple months. However that problem is starting to rectify itself and K’row will be returning to active duty soon. K’row and The Master are the greatest tag team in the history of Korean professional wrestling despite being so new. And the recent addition of Dok-Sori has strengthened the Oriental Alliance exponentially. So if you want excellent competition that will blow away your tag team division then look no further than K’row and The Master. If you want one of the best mixed martial artists in the land, Dok-Sori is your man. And best of all, if you want to have a culture clash (Team Korea vs Team China vs Team USA, etc) these three gentlemen from Korea will blow you away!

Monster is a superstar that I just had to have in the Million Dollar Stable. To say that it is a huge acquisition would be the ultimate understatement. At 6’10” tall, 390 lbs, Monster is one of the biggest, baddest men in professional wrestling. I originally saw Monster wrestling in Tampa against the greatest wrestler in the area. Monster is pure intimidation. He would be the PWF Florida Heavyweight Champion right now had Curse from the Midnight Mafia not interfered. So instead of letting Monster face Randy Starr again for the Florida Heavyweight Championship that is rightfully his, the geniuses in CWFL management have him facing Curse in match after match after match. Monster has already proven he can beat Curse and that he is one of the best new guys in Florida Wrestling. Give him an opportunity to face some an actual challenge because at this point, Championship Wrestling From Florida is not giving it to him, they are so scared.

So there you have it. These are the gentlemen of the Million Dollar Stable and they need your help. I manage the absolute best that Championship Wrestling From Florida has to offer. The problem is the management at CWFL are so political and so against me that they will never give the MDS the chances they deserve. Surely you, the more professional management, will not let an opportunity like this pass you by. These men will put on matches that your fans will be talking about for years to come. Not to mention that any show that has Bobbi Maracai on it equals instant ratings. Anywhere I go a massive following follows. So consider this letter an open challenge to ANYONE in your respective federations. I am at the end of my rope with Florida management. Give these gentlemen, as well as this high-drawing young lady, the chance that we so rightfully deserve and that has eluded us for so long due to office politics. I thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.



Bobbi Maracai
Billion Dollar Stable Manager
Pro Wrestling Fit Championship Wrestling From Florida

PWF Radio Leroy Jenkins Interview

March 8, 2013

Check out episode 2 with Leroy Snowball Jenkins. February 14th 2013


pro wrestling

Leroy SnowJenkins, Professional Wrestling Manager

This week Bobbi interviews Leroy Snowball Jenkins. The war of words between the two greatest managers in Florida cannot be missed! Plus we will be taking your calls.

Hear Rick Love’s comments and criticisms about the state of Pro Wrestling today.

This show is sponsored by: Legacy Championship Belts www.LegacyBelts.com

The Midnight Mafia and Leroy Jenkins are on a quest to dominate the Professional Wrestling industry.

pro wrestling shows

Leroy Jenkins and Curse at Pro Wrestling Fit Florida.

Boston-born Leroy “Snowball” Jenkins comes from a long line of self-professed gangsters. His family legacy was built on their fifty years in the business of pro wrestling. Just four short years ago Leroy decided to carry on his family’s gangster legacy by entering an industry his family made famous. Trained by his daddy and granddaddy before him, Leroy got his start working some of the independent federations in Florida where he moved the daily operations of the Midnight Mafia, his stable of wrestlers, to permanently.

Leroy’s plan is to be the future of the business and a dominating force in Pro Wrestling Fit and any other federation that he chooses. For Leroy Jenkins professional wrestling is about family economics. He knows that everyone he manages will go to the top because he only manages the finest talent and when his guys win, he makes more money. Leroy’s favorite quote is “Win if you can. Lose if you must. But ALWAYS cheat!”

pro wrestlihg shows in florida

The Hardcore Icon NightStalker with Leroy Jenkins.

He is gracious to wrestlers like Justin Cage who trained him, and promoters like Rick Love and Kevin Rhodes, among others who have given him exposure. But now the game is all about him, and this gangster is shooting straight to the top of Pro Wrestling Fit CWFL. Leroy’s pride and joy, Curse, is the number one contender for the vacant PWF CWFL Heavyweight Title. His latest acquisition NightStalker is blazing his way into PWF like a star. This is why Leroy Jenkins is quickly becoming one of the most sought after talent Managers in all of Florida independent wrestling.

His current talent war with Bobbi Maracai started when she somehow managed to get Justin Cage, a long-time friend of Leroy’s, to join her stable of wrestlers. Bobbi Maracai’s legal team has requested that PWF look into Leroy’s use of a walking cane. They claim that a search of his medical files shows no legitimate injury that would require it and that he only uses it as a weapon that creates a public danger to the wrestlers and the fans. No-one can say how this fued got started for sure but we are sure that this battle of managers will not end peacefully.

Pro Wrestler Bobby Fonta

February 7, 2013

“It’s Peanut Butter Jelly Time” is the trademark entrance song of Professional Wrestling‘s fastest rising star Bobby Fonta.

Originally from Bridgewater, Virginia, Bobby Fonta began his training under Professional Wrestling Legend Jimmy Valiant at Boogie’s Pro Wrestling Camp at the tender age of 15. In 2004 at the age of 16 he had his first match in front of a live audience.

pro wrestler bobby fonta

Bobby Fonta asks Moco Loco “How’s my foot taste?”

He wrestled in NC, IN, OH, and WV before moving to Orlando, Florida in 2007 in hopes of furthering his career at TNA’s Impact wrestling show where he was a fan favorite on the TNA Gutcheck.

Recently Bobby Fonta has become a major player at Pro Wrestling Fit Florida’s Championship Wrestling From Florida show in Orlando. Before that he was the NWA Florida Jr Heavy Weight Champion and is looking to once again hold the gold with PWF.

Since moving to Florida he has continued his travels to wrestle in SC, Puerto Rico, and even the state of Texas where he was a participant in the GWT tournament.  He has earned himself the nickname “Dancing Machine” for the way he enters the ring. Bobby’s kid friendly character makes him likable for all ages. If you are interested in booking Bobby Fonta for your next Pro Wrestling related event contact him via email at bobbyfonta1@gmail.com. Thanks for visiting the page!

Pro Wrestler Monzkid

January 29, 2013

Korea’s new hero, Monzkid brings Pro Wrestling to the next generation of Korean wrestling fans.

Monzkid rose through the ranks of the Professional Wrestling school and organization founded by Korea’s own Pro Wrestling Legend, Kim Il (Oki Kintaro). When Monzkid arrived on the scene the organization was being managed by Mr. Choi and lead by “Super Dragon” Lee Whang-Pyo. Monzkid completed his initial training and debuted in the World Wrestling Association show in Seoul, Korea in 2004 under the guidance and coaching of Lee Wang-Pyo, WWA World Heavy Weight Champion.

korean pro wrestling shows

January 26th 2013 was the day in Pro Wrestling History That Made Monzkid the PWF World Champion

Wanting to perfect his craft, Monzkid continued to train and travel. In 2006, he began his training in the famous Japanese Strong-Style Wrestling at the world renowned  KAIENTAI-DOJO under the personal tutelage of Japanese Pro Wrestling Superstar Taka Michinoku. He made his Japanese Pro Wrestling debut in 2008 against his trainer and mentor, Taka Michinoku in a match that gained the attention of several Japanese wrestling promoters and earned him the respect of the Pro Wrestling community.

In 2009 and 2010, Monzkid worked at all of the top Pro Wrestling shows in Japan including DRAGON GATE, DDT and BJW.

In 2011, he establish the foundation of Pro Wrestling Fit Korea to build a show that would attract the attention of the younger generation and help Korea’s Pro Wrestling grow to new heights of popularity. Monzkid has been in special training sessions in CHIKARA, encountered with Antonio Cesaro and Al Snow. Cesaro and Snow cheered him as a World Class Pro Wrestler – who will be able to take part in future WWE events.

In 2012, Monzkid built a training center for professional wrestling in Korea called DREAMHOUSE. The Dreamhouse is a full service fitness and pro wrestling training school that is going to develop the next generation of Korean Pro Wrestling superstars. It is affiliated with the PWF Pro Wrestling school in the USA. With his disciples, he is vigorously preparing for the next explosion of Korean Pro Wrestling under the banner of Pro Wrestling Fit.

Here you can see his exhibition match from January 26th 2013 demonstrating why he is the best professional wrestler of his generation in Korea. This video is a real treat for Monzkid fans.

Pro Wrestling Fit Media

October 3, 2012

Welcome to the official site of the Pro Wrestling Fit (PWF) International TV Show, Radio Show and Online Magazine. Be sure to save this site to your favorites and check back often.

A special message from PWF International C.E.O. Rick Love.

Hello Pro Wrestling Fans!

As the C.E.O. of PWF International I want to share with you our vision for the future of Professional Wrestling. At PWF we plan to bring sportsmanship and dignity back to our beloved sport. For years we have been hearing from fans how disgusted they are with the late night garbage that has become all too common in our sport.

You spoke, and we have listened. We are currently searching the globe for the finest pro wrestling talent available to bring you a show that you will enjoy in a format that we can be proud of. We are using four main systems of development to achieve this goal.

System One: Talent Development through our very own Pro Wrestling School In Orlando, Florida. This will allow us to develop fine athletes into the top stars of the future be making sure that they are trained the right way under the watchful eyes of our current PWF Champions. If you would like to find out how you can join our Pro Wrestling School call Kevin Rhodes at Ph: 321-239-5439 today!

System Two: Active recruitment of professional wrestlers. We do this by having our champions and managers watch for exceptional talent at non-PWF shows that they work on. Many indy wrestling promotions often book our wrestlers to work on their shows because they understand the benefits of having one of their wrestlers recruited by our show. It gives them instant credibility as a developmental company who’s wrestlers do get to travel to work at other shows. If you are a professional wrestling promoter who would like to have PWF Talent on your shows contact us at http://www.facebook.com/pwfinternational .

System Three: Pre Show Audition Matches, sometimes called “Dark Matches”. This is where professional wrestlers from other companies travel to our show to perform a match during our pre-show autograph party and get judged by our committee for the opportunity of becoming a member of our active roster. If you are a professional wrestler who would like to schedule an audition match contact Kevin Rhodes at Ph: 321-239-5439 today!

System Four: The fourth way that you can apply to become a member of the PWF Roster is by submitting a professional quality Promo Video. To do this you simply click to like our fanpage listed above and then add your promo video youtube link to our wall for our staff to review for consideration.  To see samples of what we consider professional quality promo videos visit our channel at www.youtube.com/prowrestlingfitmedia


Richard “Rick” Love

Pro Wrestling Fit International