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Zero 1 PWF (Pro Wrestling Fit) Magazine is the fastest growing online publication in the Professional Wrestling Industry. Working in conjunction with the PWF International Hall of Fame we have created the PWF Top 100 which is always a source of pride and controversy. As you can imagine, it is very hard to whittle down the list of amazing wrestlers out there to just the Top 100.

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Description: The Zero 1 PWF Radio Show is the most popular new professional wrestling talk show to hit the airwaves with news and interviews of Pro Wrestling Fit’s International Superstars! Scroll down for more info.

Each week your host, PWF celebrity talent manager Bobbi Maracai and the crew, will bring you in-depth analysis as well as opinions and views on the news and stars that you love the most. Along with guests and interviews such as Zero 1 PWF International C.E.O. Rick Love, Zero 1 PWF Korea’s Kevin Snipe and Zero 1 PWF USA’s Kevin Rhodes.

The show covers everything related to Zero 1 PWF pro wrestling from upcoming shows, to interviews of champions, try-outs, contests and prize give-aways! The show is recorded each and every Thursday then released on Friday to multiple outlets including, Blog Talk Radio, Talkshoe, Itunes, Podomatic, Facebook, Youtube & Many More! Like us at

The “Zero 1 PWF  International Radio Show” is a professional wrestling talk show that is currently in their fourteenth year of broadcasting airing on the Action Radio Network in Orlando, Florida USA. It was originally called “Pro Wrestling Spot Light” with Rick Love and Kevin Rhodes, the show debuted on April 10, 1998.  The show originally aired live every Thursday night from 10 PM to Midnight and would air again Saturday mornings at 10 AM as a replay. The show has had numerous guest hosts over the years and is going through some major upgrades and introducing our new show hosts, Jack Callahan and Kevin Sniper of Zero 1 PWF International. The Zero 1 PWF International Radio Show is home to Orlando, Florida’s largest wrestling fan base and an ever growing fan base from around the world. The major goal of the show has always been to provide a way for the fans of WWE, Zero 1 PWF, TNA, Indy, and International wrestling products to be entertained and hear all the latest news and happenings in the business from one source. The shows are archived here each week so that you can listen at your convenience. Feel free to share the link with your friends or post on facebook.

Listen to our latest PWF Radio Show below!

pro wrestling orlando

Professional Wrestling photographer John Heinsen

This week Bobbi Maracai interviews Professional Wrestling photographer John Heinsen who has captured some historical momments in indy wrestling with his camera.

He has photographed professional wrestling shows in Orlando, Florida for about twenty years and is a close friend of former PWF Heavy Weight Champion Randy Starr.

Here his thoughts and views here:

Hear about the latest creation from The Million Dollar Bakery and more!

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PWF (Pro Wrestling Fit) TV featuring the stars of Pro Wrestling Fit International show cases matches, interviews and news segments about some of the hottest events, people, and trends in the Professional Wrestling industry today.

Each show includes exciting matches, movie trailers, interviews, and news segments on up coming events and what’s new in the pro wrestling world. PWF TV can advertise your Event, Business or Product. We can upload your ready made commercial or we can design and infomercial for you. Our experienced staff can take care of all your advertising needs.

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