Creating a Professional Wrestling Dynasty Comes down to just a few simple things

A Platform + A System + Exclusivity

Discover Pro Wrestling Fit’s Formula To Unlimited Pro Wrestling Wealth
Join our team and I’ll Give You the Tools to Build a Powerful Pro Wrestling Company

Question: Why would an independent professional wrestling promoter want to become a PWF International Co-Op Partner???

Answer: The answer is simple: SUCCESS!!! MONEY!!! FAME!!!

Our Co-Op partnerships allow you to be part of a weekly television promotion at a cost too low to pass up!

The Pro Wrestling Fit International TV Show  is now accepting a limited number of Co-Op Partners.

You can be one of them!!!

The World’s Fastest Growing Promotion!

Don’t Miss This Opportunity To Be Part Of The PWF International TV Show!!!

To find out how you can take advantage of this great opportunity and become part of PWF International Call 321-443-8077

 PWF International TV Show:

The World’s #1 Professional Wrestling Co-op Partnership Opportunity!

PWF International Partnership Benefits:

  • FEATURED ON THE “PWF INTERNATIONAL” TV SHOW! Be on TV! Become Famous! Make $$$! Let’s be honest, you got into the wrestling business to be on TV. With PWF International, that dream will immediately become a reality! You will quickly become a recognizable face in your community, as a TV celebrity from appearing on the “PWF International” TV Show. (This benefit alone is worth the small investment in this program, but feel free to read the other benefits anyway.)
  • FEATURED ON THE “PWF RADIO SHOW”! The PWF Radio Show with Rick Love is recorded live every Thursday night at 9:30 PM. ALL PWF promotions are allowed to submit their show updates and news announcements to our worldwide listening .audience. The PWF Radio Show is the most listened to online radio dedicated to the Sport of Professional Wrestling and give you an opportunity to reach this audience for no additional cost
  • INTERNATIONAL RECOGNITION OF LOGO & NAME. Over 9 years have gone to research and development of a name and logo that would gain maximum response from the public. The result, Pro Wrestling Fit (PWF) International is a name and logo that is powerful and easily recognizable. The power of the name, the clean cut logo and colorful theme will give you a distinct advantage in your market place when prospective businesses are looking for a sponsorship opportunity.
  • PROVEN BUSINESS SYSTEM. PWF International offers another unique benefit through its proven business system including: Attendance Tracking System, Ticket Presale System, Advanced Marketing System, and your PWF International Success System membership.
  • STATE OF THE ART OPERATIONS MANUAL. Ever wondered what you or your staff should do next? You won’t have to worry anymore with the PWF International Operations Manual. Each area of operations is clearly defined in writing so you and your staff can quickly and systematically improve your operation. Operations Manual Includes: Pre-show Check List, Sponsor Packet, Fundraiser Kit, and Media Kit.
  • PROTECTED TERRITORY. Each PWF International Charter comes with a protected territory. You will have an exclusive regional or national area around your promotion. So you don’t have to worry about another PWF International promotion opening too close to your location. We can help YOU develop branch promotions!
  • REDUCED ADVERTISING & MARKETING COSTS. Having other PWF International Partners that are close but not in direct competition could, of course, be a great help in reducing your advertising cost in television and in local print media. Just think how much you would save in newspaper ads alone if you could split your ad cost with 4 or 5 other partners. You will also be able to participate in low cost marketing efforts such as a direct mail campaign. Since PWF International can buy mailing lists and mail in volume, you can reach your market at a reduced cost.
  • NATIONAL PUBLIC RELATIONS CAMPAIGN. PWF International will has an on going national public relations campaign designed to insure PWF International is known everywhere as the professional source of quality professional wrestling events. This will happen in the form of articles in retail magazines such as Wrestling Insider and Pro-Wrestling Illustrated, as well as newspapers, radio and television.
  • GROUP DISCOUNTS ON HEALTH & LIABILITY INSURANCE. PWF International has negotiated a group discount for health, liability, life and general insurance services. Because of the number of partners participating, we are able to offer substantial price reductions over your present rates.
  • COMPLETE LINE OF CUSTOMIZED MERCHANDISE. Now you never have to worry about losing valuable income because you cannot afford to order the quantity of products required to get the wholesale price needed for you to make a profit. All your products from t-shirts to hats will carry the PWF International logo.
  • SPECIALTY ITEMS. There are hundreds of specialty items that can greatly increase your name recognition and profits. As a single promotion, it is much too expensive to purchase coffee mugs, pens and a full line of T-shirts and workout gear by yourself. As an PWF International partner, you can have ALL of these items to promote your business at a greatly reduced cost, simply through the value of volume purchasing.
  • ENHANCE YOUR IMAGE AT A DECREASED COST. Boost your image immediately with PWF International logo-ed posters, letterhead, business cards and other printing at a discounted price. Once again, because of volume, we will be able to supply you with color printing far cheaper than you could obtain it from your local printer while giving a substantial boost to your image by using color.
  • USE THE PWF NAME RECOGNITION TO ATTRACT SPONSORS! The PWF International name recognition gives you instant credibility in attracting local sponsors. Do you own a business already??? You can be your own local business sponsor and get double the bang for your buck!

Over one million dollars worth of research and development have gone into designing the perfect name, logo and business system for the regional wrestling promotion of the 21st century. The result is PWF International.

The ultimate way to take your promotion to a higher level using the resources of a large company while you retain the flexibility of a local wrestling promotion business. In conjunction with your PWF International Success Systems membership, we will provide you with an internationally recognizable name, logo, and the power of bulk buying! With PWF International, you are in business for yourself, but not by yourself. Help is always just a phone call away.

To find out how you can take advantage of this great opportunity and become part of PWF International Call 321-443-8077

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