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October 3, 2012

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A special message from PWF International C.E.O. Rick Love.

Hello Pro Wrestling Fans!

As the C.E.O. of PWF International I want to share with you our vision for the future of Professional Wrestling. At PWF we plan to bring sportsmanship and dignity back to our beloved sport. For years we have been hearing from fans how disgusted they are with the late night garbage that has become all too common in our sport.

You spoke, and we have listened. We are currently searching the globe for the finest pro wrestling talent available to bring you a show that you will enjoy in a format that we can be proud of. We are using four main systems of development to achieve this goal.

System One: Talent Development through our very own Pro Wrestling School In Orlando, Florida. This will allow us to develop fine athletes into the top stars of the future be making sure that they are trained the right way under the watchful eyes of our current PWF Champions. If you would like to find out how you can join our Pro Wrestling School call Kevin Rhodes at Ph: 321-239-5439 today!

System Two: Active recruitment of professional wrestlers. We do this by having our champions and managers watch for exceptional talent at non-PWF shows that they work on. Many indy wrestling promotions often book our wrestlers to work on their shows because they understand the benefits of having one of their wrestlers recruited by our show. It gives them instant credibility as a developmental company who’s wrestlers do get to travel to work at other shows. If you are a professional wrestling promoter who would like to have PWF Talent on your shows contact us at .

System Three: Pre Show Audition Matches, sometimes called “Dark Matches”. This is where professional wrestlers from other companies travel to our show to perform a match during our pre-show autograph party and get judged by our committee for the opportunity of becoming a member of our active roster. If you are a professional wrestler who would like to schedule an audition match contact Kevin Rhodes at Ph: 321-239-5439 today!

System Four: The fourth way that you can apply to become a member of the PWF Roster is by submitting a professional quality Promo Video. To do this you simply click to like our fanpage listed above and then add your promo video youtube link to our wall for our staff to review for consideration.  To see samples of what we consider professional quality promo videos visit our channel at


Richard “Rick” Love

Pro Wrestling Fit International