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We Asked. YOU Answered. You’re Welcome!

Pro Wrestling Fit is the company where “YOU The Fans” made the calls! Our Magazines, Radio and TV Shows are Fan-sourced where we answer the questions that fans ask. We get questions every week from our blog and facebook pages. We have been doing surveys at live events and we asked fans “What is wrong with Pro Wrestling today?” What did you say? After sifting through all the answers You told us that big TV wrestling has four major flaws: First, there is just too much talking. You said that RAW secretly stands for “Rarely Any Wrestling”. Second, Unbelievable finishes. Guys jumping up from a move that should have broken his neck or knocked him out cold! The third thing that you told us… really hit home for the independent wrestling scene. Over weight and under weight”Athletes”. Wrestlers who just don’t look like wrestlers and you really don’t these guys could win a match against the average Girl Scout. Fourth, A-holes and Autographs, you told us that when you go to other live pro wrestling events the so-called Stars of most shows are just A-holes selling autographs and hitting on the local girls. You have spoken! We Listened!

What We’ve Done About it!

1. Our shows offer more action. We have shorter time limits allowing wrestlers to keep up an exciting pace.

2. No More FAKE “40 chair shots over the head” B.S. type matches. We have put the WRESTLING back into Pro Wrestling!

3. Professional Athletes – Professional Physiques. No more fat guys in black t-shirts or skinny guys that look like meth-heads and crack addicts. There is a reason we are called Pro Wrestling FIT! Even our corporate office staff attends workouts to stay in shape.

4. No A-HOLES! With social media the way it is today we find it is too easy to get to know us. You aren’t just our fans. Thanks to our facebook group and fanpage following YOU are more like our family because you get to know our wrestlers up close and personal and that is just the way we like it! At PWF our wrestlers and other show members manage their own facebook pages. When you contact our people you get to talk and communicate with the person on the profile. Guaranteed!

MISSION STATEMENT: To provide the best worldwide network of events for the sport of Professional Wrestling. We aim to unify Pro Wrestlers with a foundation of mutual respect for all national athletes to offer guidance and support to our national body members.

Pro Wrestling Fit model

Pro Wrestling Fit Europe Spokes Model Monika invites you to Like and Share our fanpage!

VISION STATEMENT: Pro Wrestling Fit International is a world-class organization comprised of highly skilled and dedicated professional wrestling athletes rich in tradition of excellence.

We will always strive to exceed the expectations of our affiliate members and the professional wrestling community of fans.

VALUES STATEMENT: Pro Wrestling Fit International is committed to effective communication and continuous improvement to foster technical excellence, an environment of trust and teamwork which promotes personal and organizational growth and achievement of clearly prioritized goals for our members worldwide.

COMPANY OVERVIEW: Pro Wrestling Fit (PWF) International is a media company that is preparing to produce Pro Wrestling Magazines, Radio and TV Shows featuring the star of Pro Wrestling Fit from around the world. All international talent bookings will be directed by our C.E.O. and Championship Committee Chairman: Richard Love.

Pro Wrestler Rick Love

Richard “Rick” Love: C.E.O. and Championship Committee Chairman

DESCRIPTION: Pro Wrestling Fit (PWF) International is also the worldwide governing body for the sport of Professional Wrestling as Pro Wrestling Fit.

We provide national sanctioning for independent countries who’s champions are eligible to compete for the official Pro Wrestling Fit World Titles.

Additionally PWF International sanctions World Title Events four times each year in cooperation with it’s national body members.

This gives Pro Wrestling Fit International the only true World Champion in the sport of Professional Wrestling.

ATTENTION MODELS: Who wants to be famous? Enter our fan sign contest and get featured on our facebook page with over 10,000 fans! Winners also receive free PWF merchandise and event tickets. Twelve lucky winners will be featured on our Official PWF Calendar poster. Enter today by e-mailing your fan sign photo to prowrestlingfitmedia@gmail.com .

Show your support to the wrestlers by clicking to Like us at www.facebook.com/pwfinternational . The visit our channel at www.youtube.com/prowrestlingfitmedia to watch our athletes in action!

If you have what it takes to become a Pro Wrestler, Manager, Referee or Valet then contact Pro Wrestling School nearest you listed below.


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